(somethings you may want to know)

As of 2/15/19 we have changed our name from "Raised by Gypsies" to "Raised by Cassettes".
You might still see mentions pointing to our old name- such as in the addresses for past reviews.
This is why.


The order in which submissions are reviewed is as follows:
- Cassettes
- Vinyl
- CD
- Other Physical
- Digital

Please Note: (and this cannot be stressed enough) if you have a physical version available, a digital submission for review will *not* be considered.
It simply is not fair to those who submit physical music for review. If your music has only been released digitally (streaming/downloaded) then it can be reviewed as such.
[Exceptions can be made based on location. Raised by Gypsies is based in the United States. If you are also in the US, this does not apply to you]

We at Raised by Gypsies DO NOT CARE what the norm is for other sites/publicists/etc.

"But no one sends out physical promos anymore"

If that were true, this website would cease to exist.

If you are unable to send a physical copy of your music when one exists, do not waste our time or yours.

Also, and for some reason this needs to be stated now, if your album is requested on a certain format but sent in a different format than that which is requested,
it will not be reviewed.

This means if a copy on vinyl is requested and you send a CD, it will not be reviewed.

Please send us an email at raisedbygypsies [at] yahoo [dot] com for our mailing address.

In the event that your LP or EP is digital only and you would like a review, please follow these simple tips for submission:

1) Please, please, PLEASE make sure your music is on either Bandcamp or SoundCloud. Music on any other platform will not be considered.
2) If you submit music through other providers but have a SoundCloud, for example, we will not email you and ask for a link to it. I cannot stress this enough.
We have enough submissions to listen to that we don't need to go out of our way to say "Hey, do you have a better link for this?"
If you want us to consider your music, please make it as easy as to access as possible for us.
3a) If you have a private SoundCloud link to an album, we can use that for working on a digital review. That is fine and preferred to other services like Halix.
3b) If you have a private SoundCloud link to a single song WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. Please stop wasting our time.
4) Singles on SoundCloud that we like will be given the "like" and "repost" feature on our SoundCloud page and will also potentially become the #SongOfTheDay.
5a) If you submit a YouTube video, it must be compelling both in visual and audio. We will then give it a "like" and share it on #MusicVideoMonday.
5b) Please, please, PLEASE do not submit us YouTube videos with one still image (such as album artwork) and the song playing over it. These will only reflect
poorly upon you.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will leave you blocked.
That means if you continually send us private SoundCloud links or YouTube videos without moving images after the third time
YOU WILL BE BLOCKED from emailing us again.

Also, if your link opens to another website, such as Line Best Fit or Pop Matters, you will be blocked from sending us further emails.
It is nothing against any other site, it is just that going to that site as a music *fan* is okay, but sending us there as a member
of the *press* is not. Just think before you send your links.

If you submit links to Spotify too many times you will also be blocked. If you have a link that says "Listen on Spotify here", fine.
We won't click it but at least we know not to click it. But simply saying "Click here to listen" and then sending us straight to Spotify
is really becoming something we can no longer handle.

There are no limits to how much music can be submitted at one time for review. Physically, it saves money on postage.
Digitally, we'd rather get one email with five different SoundCloud links than five emails. Be smart about it.
We realize some sites only accept one item for submission at a time but with us the sky is the limit.

If any of this sounds rude it is not meant to be. These are mostly issues we see happen too often and would appreciate seeing less.

The simple thing to take out of all of this is just be cool and we'll work with you. We realize most people won't read this anyway.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when we're making them. So of course there will be obvious exceptions to these not listed and we will try our best to work with you when we can.
The most important aspect of all of this is to just try and be respectful. If you are not, then we will not work with you. Simple as that.